Metal Services

Round bar processing is the backbone of our business. We also realize the value in maximizing the production process for our customers. That is just one of the reasons that we stock a variety of both round and hex brass bar. In most cases, we offer a one-day turnaround for raw brass stock. All other materials can be sourced to meet your specific needs. We will shop for the best product to maximize your resources and minimize processing time.

Stock Items

Materials: C36000 H02 (Half Hard) Free Cutting Brass, 12 ft lengths, ASTM B 16/16M Rev 2010, ROHS Compliant

We carry standard sizes of both round and hex bars. Contact us for current stock availability, pricing and delivery options. We would be glad to look at stocking to meet your specific needs.

All Other Materials

We believe good purchasing practices are an essential part of our success. We have worked to develop and maintain solid relationships with both distributors and mills in order to streamline your process. We can source material and process to your exacting specifications.

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We partner daily with metal distributors and mills to bring value to the end product. This partnership gives us an advantage in vendor quality, processing experience and pricing standards. Put our expertise to work for you.

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